Drawing forth my reality

Acceptance never came easy to me. Perhaps I had never really learnt how to breathe in life to the fullest. I have heard a master say that only those who offered resistance to life suffered from breathing problems. As I huffed and puffed through life asthmatically, I would tell myself sternly “Acceptance is the key.” [...]



True stillness comes from accepting 'what is' I've spent a great chunk of my life searching for stillness; be it attending workshops or meditating or reading books, I was always on the move searching for my elusive pot of golden stillness at the end of the rainbow. Any spiritual book in the market and I [...]


SILVER LININGS I hadn't seen my sister  in about a year having been busy with my work and family. The last we had met was during the last pooja holidays when we all got together at my mom's home. Life had always been a rocky ride for my sister, the eldest girl of our family [...]

Drops of existence.   It was a cool October morning. I woke up to the sound of rain and thunder and resigned myself to an overcast morning. Expect the unexpected. I had just curled up near my balcony with my hot cuppa when out shone the sun in all his glory. The result ,a glorious [...]

Shiva State of Consciousness – an aspiration of every yogi

This is exactly what I am arriving at.

Thus Spake Mohanji

 The Supreme Unmanifested


Shiva is the supreme unmanifested. The supreme power, the supreme energy, the supreme creator, the source of all creation, the soul of all creation. This is Shiva. And Shiva continues through all the entities which are animate or inanimate in this world and Shiva represents the whole consciousness, the consciousness which is beyond all the space, all the times, all the materials and all the beings. So Shiva is an enigma, Shiva is you, Shiva is me, and Shiva is pervading the whole universe. You can call Shiva any name.

Shiva linga Shiva linga

When I say Shiva, it is the supreme unmanifested represented by the Shiva linga, the egg-shaped material which contains the whole universe or which represents the whole universe. The first form is an egg shape, and Shiva linga can contain the maximum possible energy and that is why all the atomic reservoirs of the world…

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Why Don’t We Know We’re God?

Profound insights

Thus Spake Mohanji

The Supreme

If you say I am God intellectually, it is ego. Actually, it’s an experience. You experience the God element in you, and at that time you call yourself enlightened. However, before that if you call yourself God, it means you are trying to become egoistic, you are trying to portray what you are not. You have not understood. Somebody says you are God, so you say I am God, but what is God? God is the substratum. Everything is formed out of him, and everything will dissolve back into Him. That is what Krishna says in the Bhagavat Gita, “You can offer even a leaf or a flower to me, but understand that it belongs to me anyway! Please offer, there is no problem, but eventually it is all mine!” Who is that mine? The Supreme God, the “Para Brahman”, not a finite form which we call Krishna…

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